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what causes hair to become weak

We list down
the culprits in your everyday routine.

What Really Causes Hair to Become Weak?

Raise your hand if you find yourself chopping your hair off the moment it starts looking dry and brittle.

That’s what we thought. Now we have nothing against haircuts, especially if they’re executed well, but if you’re tired of having to cut your hair short just when it’s almost at your desired length, try preventing the damage in the first place.

Start by reviewing your everyday hair routine. Did you know that certain haircare habits—yes even those you’ve had since you were young—are actually responsible for weak hair? Read on to find out more.    

While in the shower

  • 1

    Washing your hair too roughly

    You might not give too much thought to the way you wash your hair, but you need to be gentler with your locks if you want to keep hair damage at bay. Remember, friction can damage your hair’s cuticle, which in turn, can lead to hair breakage

  • 2

    Shampooing twice

    Double cleansing might be a thing in skin care, but not when it comes to your hair. Unless your mane has reached the point where it’s considered beyond filthy, we strongly advise against shampooing more than once a day, as it’s only going to strip your hair of its natural oils.

After your bath

  • 3

    Not combing through the knots properly

    Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to dealing with tangles. To prevent damaging your locks, always comb from the knot down. You’ll find that doing so will cause the knot to unravel easily. Make your way up until all the tangles are clear.

  • 4

    Rubbing your hair dry with a towel

    Most of you have probably grown up toweling your hair dry, but while it does a good job of getting the excess water out, it’s also making your hair weak. Our tip: Gently pat a super absorbent towel on your hair or dry your locks instead.

While getting ready

  • 5

    Styling your hair while it’s still wet

    Your locks are at their weakest when they’re wet, so twisting them into a bun or tying them in a ponytail might cause some of the strands to break. If you really want to fix your hair before you leave the house, make sure that it’s completely dry first. Yes, even if it means setting the alarm an hour earlier.


This list may be easier said than done. Our tip? Reinforce good habits that strengthen your hair against damage. For starters, use Sunsilk Strong & Long shampoo every day. Formulated with Biotin, this fresh and fruity shampoo nourishes hair to be strong as it naturally grows, making it better and beyond all other shampoo brands.