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Wave goodbye to frizz and say hello to smooth and bangong-gigil hair this summer!

Smooth Hair in the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time for all the adventures you want to do like travel, go to the beach, and have all that fun under the sun.

It’s the season for gorgeous tans and stylish hairstyles. Want to rock the look during the hottest days of the year? Check out these tips to achieve #TheBest hair suited for all of your adventures. 

  • 1

    Prep your hair before the dive

    Gently detangle your tresses or braid it up (if you have long hair) so it doesn’t go wild and free while you’re swimming. This prevents your hair strands from rubbing and overstretching and keeps flyaways at bay. Also try putting on some conditioner before the dip so the saltwater will easily drip down when you’re done.

  • 2

    Give extra attention to chlorine

    If pool parties are your thing, make sure to guard your hair from chlorine’s drying effect. Don’t forget to rinse your hair with fresh water after each swim for an added protection, hairkada!

  • 3

    Avoid overexposure from the sun

    Play with fun accessories! Straw hats and satin scarves aren’t just good for your #ootd. These also shield your hair against the harmful effects of UV rays. Put some on and your hair will thank you with a longer fresh scent!

  • 5

    Lather up on a really good hair product 

    Going out on adventures takes a toll on hair. But here’s some good news for you: Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable literally works wonders! Made with 5 natural oils that gives you smooth hair that’s easily manageable and gets you back on track in no time. Want to know what 1000 flowers smell like? This sounds crazy, but Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable gives you that amazing floral scent! Try it and you’ll see summer hotties finding it hard to resist this fragrance. So go on girl, head back to your escapades and flaunt that smooth and shiny hair with #thebest bangong-gigil fragrance!