smooth hair in summer

Wave goodbye to frizz
and say hello to smooth and bangong-gigil hair
this summer!

Smooth Hair in the Summer Heat
  • Prep your hair before you dive in


    If you have long hair, tie it back in pigtails or braids to keep it out of your face while you swim. This minimizes friction between strands and helps you avoid tangled hair. To protect your hair from salt water damage, try leaving some conditioner in your hair. This will prevent the salt water from drying out your locks, leaving them soft and smooth.

  • Be careful about chlorine


    If pool parties are your thing, make sure to protect your hair from chlorine’s drying effect. After you swim, always use shampoo to rinse out the chlorine, followed by a conditioner to keep your hair smooth and well-moisturized. 

  • Avoid getting too much sun


    Straw hats aren’t just good for your summer #OOTD, they help shield your hair from harmful UV rays. Throw one on for a fresh look and longer-lasting fresh hair. 

  • Lather up with a good hair product


    Summer can take a toll on your hair. But Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable fragrant shampoo and fragrant conditioner range can work wonders! It’s made with 5 natural oils to give you silky soft hair with a fresh floral fragrance, making it Sunsilk’s best fragrant shampoo. So make sure to bring the smooth hair shampoo, Sunsilk pink shampoo, on your next adventure for beautiful hair with a bangong-gigil scent!

  • Use products with watermelon ingredient for hair hydration


    The cooling sensation and water content of watermelon help your hair retain its moisture and keep it from getting dry. So, it’s not just your skin that can benefit from this amazing fruit as using watermelon for hair is also hydrating.