secrets of women with shiny hair

Secrets of Women with Shiny Hair

Focus on hydration
  • Unravelling shiny hair


    Shiny hair is nothing more than sunlight reflected on a smooth surface. The smoother the surface, the more intense the shine. This doesn't mean that curly and frizzy hair cannot be shiny, but that the cuticles (the correct name for the outer layers of the hair) must be closed, protected and aligned. This occurs with much less intensity when the hair strands are dry, damaged or full of frizz. Then the hair fails to shine.

  • When washing the hair


    One of the great secrets for having more beautiful hair is to invest in specific products for your hair type. Only by doing so will you manage to fully meet the needs of your hair at that time. And everything begins with the shampoo and conditioner. Use the shampoo stage to give your scalp a light massage. By doing so, you will completely remove the impurities from the roots and also activate the circulation on the scalp, ensuring the hair grows stronger.

    Allow time for the conditioner to take effect; use the product to untangle the strands of hair with your hands during your shower for at least 5 minutes. This helps to keep them hydrated and aligned. 

    Additionally, remember the final rinse, which should be cold: this change of temperature helps to close the cuticles faster. You can also use this trick with a final blast of cold air from your hair dryer!

  • When untangling your hair


    Broken hair is practically synonymous with hair that lacks shine. For this reason, pay greater attention when you untangle your hair. Do you start at the roots and move towards the tips? Now is the time to stop doing so. Try combing the strands of hair from the tips to the roots: this is the safest way to avoid breaking hairs and those giant knots at the tips.

  • When hydrating


    Hydrated hair is important to achieve shiny hair. Once a week, at home, use a treatment cream between your shampoo and conditioner. This restores the water and nutrients needed for your hair to lose its porosity and become beautiful and healthy again.




  • When maintaining your cut


    How long has it been since you last trimmed your hair? If your answer is over three months, you should know that this may be interfering with the shininess of your hair. But don't be scared of the scissors if you're a fan of long hair. New techniques such as the split ender or candle-cutting can get rid of split ends and protruding hairs without affecting the length.