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Long Hair Shampoo:

How it Works for Hair Growth

Not all shampoo products work the same way. For hair growth, you need the right product like Sunsilk Strong and Long.

Not all shampoo products work the same way. For hair growth, you need the right product like Sunsilk Strong and Long.

Have you ever had a haircut and regretted it afterwards? Sadly, many of us have had this experience many times over, and there is just no way we can immediately grow our hair back. It would take at least a few weeks to actually see a difference and so in the meantime, all we can do is hide our hair in accessories. But not anymore! With the right hair growth shampoo, not only will your hair grow faster, but it will also be stronger as it grows. 

Though a shampoo for long hair is not going to work miracles and grow your hair by inches overnight, here are some of the wonders it can do.

  • 1

    It strengthens your strands

    Have you noticed how your hair becomes more brittle the longer it grows? That’s because the length makes it harder for the nutrients to reach the tips of the strands, causing them to become weak and brittle. But with a long hair shampoo like Sunsilk Strong and Long, your hair will grow faster and stronger and have that fruity smell the hairkada will love all day long.

  • 2

    It keeps hair healthy

    Do you know that your hair only grows an average of half an inch per month? But if you think your hair grows less than that, it might be because it’s not in its best condition, especially if you have split ends. Thanks to hair growth shampoo, you get nourished hair everyday that’s healthy and strong as it grows.

  • 3

    It lessens hair fall

    Losing an average of 100 strands a day can be considered normal. But if you think you’re losing more than that and seeing more hair on the bathroom floor drain and pillows, it’s time for you to use a good hair growth shampoo. Though there are specifically formulated hair loss shampoo, you can count on shampoo for hair growth like Sunsilk Green to have these ingredients that can help prevent and lessen hair fall with regular use. 

  • 4

    It stimulates the growth of hair

    Do you notice that some of your friends have thicker hair that grows faster? You don’t always just have to drool in envy if you use a hair growth shampoo. Look for biotin, which is an important ingredient that stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Sunsilk Strong and Long has biotin that nourishes hair from roots to tips to make your hair grow stronger and longer.

  • 5

    It protects from styling

    If you cannot go without styling your hair – braids, buns, and curls, then, you need to use a good hair growth shampoo. Imagine all the tugging and pulling that can damage your hair follicles– plus, your heat-styling tools. So, get your hair the protection it needs from stress with your shampoo. 

    See? Achieving strong and long hair is not impossible with the right shampoo like Sunsilk Green. You can now share your secret with the hairkada!