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how to restore hair

Free from damaged hair

How to restore hair

Does your hair no longer have the soft texture it once had? Got dull strands with no movement? Watch out! You may have damaged hair. A simple way to be sure is to do the knot test with a thin lock of hair. Separate the lock, form the loop with your fingers, and then immediately release it. Did the knot remain intact, or did it fall apart easily? If it remained intact, be careful - your hair may not be healthy enough to undo the knot on its own. But what should you do every day to restore the strength and necessary hydration to keep hair healthy? Here you'll find the answers.

Easy Tips for Dealing with damaged hair

  • 1

    Get a haircut regularly

    The first step is to visit a good hairdresser. Ask them to examine your hair and decide how much to cut off!

  • 2

    Use specific products for damaged hair

    Face it: your hair is damaged. Opt for products with fortifying ingredients in their formula, such as keratin and ginseng root! Aloe vera for hair is great too because it has antibacterial properties that cleanse your scalp for healthy and beautiful hair. 

  • 3

    Try a treatment oil

    Argan oil, macadamia oil, almond oil... These light oils manage to hydrate damaged hair without leaving it heavy and greasy.

  • 4

    Invest in treatment creams

    No time? Not an excuse! Some creams can improve hair in as fast as 3 minutes after application!

  • 5

    Heat protection is indispensable

    Straighteners and hair dryers may be the major causes of damage. It's vital to use thermal protection before blow drying and styling, okay?