easy ways to get smooth and shiny hair

How to Smoothen Hair:

Say Goodbye to Hair Tangles and Hello to Manageable Hair in 4 Ways
  • Get Rid of Tangles 


    You may not be aware of it, but all of us have some habits that can cause hair tangles. Have you checked your hair products? Maybe they’re too harsh? Do you use heat-style frequently? Do you rub your hair with a towel or massage your hair too roughly? These are ordinary things we do everyday yet can cause damage to our hair and subsequently cause tangles. It’s a good practice to brush your hair before taking a shower and let your hair down at times to smoothen hair. 

  • Make Conditioner a Staple to Your Hair Care Arsenal


    If you want to smoothen hair and make it tangle-free, pamper your hair with a good conditioner everyday, concentrating on the scalp and not on the hair. It can help nourish your strands and protect its surface so you can have more manageable hair. But don’t just use any product - go for the conditioner that can address dryness, falling hair, and dandruff. 

    Smoothen hair with Sunsilk Pink Conditioner that’s made with five natural oils to give you the smooth and fragrant hair you’ll love to touch. It’s all-day fresh floral fragrance can definitely leave you with not just manageable hair but also a good hair day all day! 

  • Detangle Your Hair the Right Way


    Do you find yourself tugging at your hair to untangle your strands? Better stop that habit, or you’ll only be doing your hair more damage. We can’t emphasize using conditioner enough after shampooing and combing your hair only after it dries. Should you really need to comb it wet, ditch your hairbrush for a wide-toothed comb to avoid breaking your strands. And while doing that, hold on to your hair to keep from pulling it from the roots. Here’s another tip that you may have been ignoring this whole time – comb your hair from the ends to the roots. If there’s no comb within reach, go ahead and use your fingers to get rid of the hair tangles. They can help moisturize and make your hair shinier by transferring the natural oils to your hair. 

  • Smoothen hair with smoothing products


    If you haven’t already, start collecting smoothing products that can help smoothen hair. Indulge your hair with serums, hair oils, and leave-in sprays. Tangled hair have overlapping cuticles, and these products smoothen them to give you more manageable hair. Once you make this a habit, you’ll surely love the feel of your hair that’s tangle-free all day. 

    There’s no easy way to get rid of hair tangles, but there’s a lot you can do and that starts with good hair habits and some Sunsilk Pink!