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Stronger Hair

This way to less breakage and damage

How to Score Stronger Hair Every Day


With all that we subject our hair to every single day—dirt, sweat, pollution, heat, and chemicals, it’s not surprising that many of us suffer from the symptoms of hair damage: dryness, brittleness, loss of shine, split ends, and hair fall. This makes trying out new hairstyles extra difficult because our hair isn’t strong enough to take the pressure.

The good news: As long as there are still strands growing from the top of your head, it’s not too late to strive for healthier, stronger hair. These hair-caring habits can help!    

  • 1

    Don’t wrap your hair up in a towel.

    This seemingly harmless habit can wreak havoc on your mane! Your hair strands can get caught up in the woven fibers, causing unnecessary friction and breakage. The same goes for vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, just gently dab and press the towel on your strands to squeeze out excess water.

  • 2

    Nourish your locks. 

    What you eat also has an effect on your crowning glory. To have healthy hair, you must eat healthy as well. Try including more eggs, chicken, and fish in your diet. These are all rich in protein and keeps your hair from becoming dull and brittle.

  • 3

    Switch to a shampoo and conditioner combo that promotes healthy hair.

    Strong hair is now easier to achieve with the right long hair shampoo and conditioner. Try the Sunsilk Strong & Long duo, which is safe to use every day. It contains Biotin, an essential vitamin that’s crucial for hair health. With a fruity fresh fragrance, it deeply nourishes hair so it becomes stronger and longer as it grows.




  • 4

    Lay off the heat styling tools.

    Do you blow-dry or iron your locks every day? Not good. Constant heat exposure can seriously weaken hair—the heat strips strands of moisture, so they become dry, brittle, and easily breakable. If you must blow-dry, use a heat-protecting product first, or set your tool to a low or cool setting.    

Try out these hair strengthening tips now! Start by using Sunsilk Strong and Long with biotin for hair growth. It nourishes your locks to be strong as it naturally grows. Say hello to healthy hair and to all the hairstyles you can easily try now!