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THERE’S NO OVERNIGHT SOLUTION, BUT THESE TRICKS CAN HELP, including shampoo for hair growth!


Fact: A healthy scalp makes you more likely to experience faster growth,

while a dry one — plus brittle ends—can sabotage your quest for long hair. It’s that simple. But how do you make sure your scalp is at its healthiest and how  to make hair grow faster? Heed these tips!

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    Wondering how to make your hair longer?




    You don’t have to brush your locks 100 times (it’s a myth, and this practice can actually cause more breakage!), but a few strokes before you sleep can help distribute your scalp’s oils evenly so hair stays naturally moisturized. Most experts recommend using a natural boar bristle brush because it’s extra gentle on strands. Start by detangling the ends, then work your way up.




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    Let your hair down every once in a while.

    Regularly keeping your hair up in a ponytail can give you the so-called “chemical cut,” wherein hair literally breaks off at the point of tension. Those with dry, chemically-treated hair are more prone to this. To know how to make hair grow faster is to choose the alternative that is gently twist your hair into a bun and secure with a bobby pin or claw clip.

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    Nourish your hair with biotin.

    If you want to know how to make your hair longer, remember the vitamin biotin. Known for playing an important role in the growth of your nails and skin, biotin for hair has long been a favorite of beauty experts and everywhere. You don’t even have to look further than your local department store to find this powerful ingredient. 

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    Don’t overshampoo.

    A once-a-day cleanse is enough; don’t shampoo twice or more in one day. Doing so can strip hair of natural oils, which are necessary to keep hair well-hydrated and stimulate repair.

    Give your hair the best hair growth benefit by using a shampoo for hair growth or a tried-and-tested long hair shampoo. 

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    Do a cold rinse. 

    A too-hot shower isn’t just bad for skin, it can also be rough on your hair. Keep temps in check when bathing (lukewarm is okay), and then do a cold water rinse to help seal the cuticle and prevent moisture loss.

Sunsilk Strong & Long , the shampoo for hair growth, is formulated with biotin that deeply nourishes hair to be strong as it grows and a fruity fresh fragrance to make it smelling great all day. With the best strong hair shampoo, you can grow your tresses and try out different hairstyles anytime!