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Sunsilk Fragrant Shampoo for Smooth and Fragrant Hair

How to Get Fragrant Hair

Easily achieve hair that’s as smooth and fresh as you are!

We all know that a good hair day isn’t complete without fragrant hair. Achieve it with a fragrant shampoo.

But do you know that lots of things can affect your lovely locks? And as the day goes by, it gets even harder to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean!  If this is a mane concern for you, better watch out for these things to maintain fragrant hair with the Sunsilk fragrant shampoo and conditioner range, our Sunsilk Pink 350ml!

  • 1

    Sun and pollution

    Heading to work or school on a daily commute? UV sun rays, dust, and smoke don’t do good, hairkada! These may clog your hair follicles and make your hair sticky and smelly by the minute—even during the early hours of the day. You think that’s all? It gets worse...

  • 2


    The smell of various food flavors may be good for your lunch cravings, but the cafeteria is a melting pot of oh so many of these. The smell of sisig, grilled chicken barbecue, or salmon sinigang may be good for the appetite, but not on your hair even a few hours after you’re done eating! And to top it off?

  • 3

    Stress and exercise

    Unlike experiencing stress, sweating it out in the gym or even at home can make you feel good and all pumped up. But do you know that both activities have almost the same effect on your scalp? It’s the production of excess sebum that can make your hair limp and oily!

  • 4

    Use a fragrant shampoo

    Your shampoo can do a lot of wonders in keeping your hair smelling great and fresh all day! Try the fragrant shampoo, Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable, for locks with a #bangong-gigil scent! It’s also the smooth hair shampoo that gives you the hair you’ve always wanted! 

If you’re guilty of the above factors, fret not because we know the solution to your mane concern: Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable. Made with 5 natural oils that nourish your hair and scalp, Sunsilk is a fragrant shampoo brand that smells like 1000 flowers for that bangong-gigil feel! Now, with smoother and more manageable hair, you can do whatever you want all day!