Get Stronger and Longer Hair with the Best Shampoo for Strong Hair

Get Stronger and Longer Hair with SUNSILK’S SHAMPOO FOR STRONG HAIR



    Use shampoo every other day


    It can be tempting to use a shampoo everyday, especially with humidity. However, too much use of hair shampoo can strip your hair of its natural moisturizers and nutrients, depriving them of what they need to grow. If you’ve been out all day, it’s alright to wash your hair with shampoo. But if you’ve been staying home, just wash with water and conditioner. 

    Also, it’s best to use a shampoo for strong hair like Sunsilk to keep your tresses healthy and to help it grow long. Complement that with a good treatment for strong hair, and you have the recipe for strong and long hair.

  • Wash hair with cold water


    It always feels good and relaxing when you take a hot shower. Unfortunately, it’s not as good for your hair because it can damage your scalp and hair’s cuticle. Just like when you use your heat-styling tools, it can slow down hair growth and even cause hair loss. What to do instead? Rinse your hair with cold water before stepping out of the shower to seal the cuticle and give you shiny hair too.

  • Avoid heat-styling your hair


    As mentioned above, heat is not good for hair because it can cause damage that can lead to split ends. After washing your hair, towel-dry with a microfiber towel or any soft fabric. Don’t rub it on your hair but just do gentle pats until excess water is out.

  • Use egg as your hair mask


    Use a hair mask that is rich in protein to aid in the growth of strong and long hair. What better ingredient to use than egg, which is also rich in protein? Use it as a base to your hair mask and apply on your strands.



    Use a strong hair shampoo


    If you want your hair to grow stronger and longer, the key is in choosing a great shampoo for strong hair. Don’t just use any of the available strong hair products but go for one that can give you stronger and longer hair like Sunsilk Strong and Long Shampoo. The green variant has aloe vera to condition hair and biotin for nourishment, making it the shampoo for strong hair. It’s also a fragrant shampoo that leaves your hair with a fresh, fruity fragrance that lasts all day.