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fragrant shampoo


Many girls are on the constant lookout for the best fragrant shampoo in the Philippines. After all, hair care has become more than just keeping our hair clean and healthy - it’s also a way for women to make their tresses smell great! While there are many brands that claim to be the most fragrant shampoo, many specifically want a fresh, floral fragrance that lasts all day.

Here’s some good news hairkada! Our best shampoo for fragrance is here - Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. Also known as Sunsilk Pink, this smooth hair shampoo is made with five natural oils, including coconut, argan, olive, almond, and jojoba - to moisturize your hair and keep it smelling great. And because it has aloe vera, your hair is always conditioned and nourished to restore damaged hair as it grows.

Best of all, this fragrance shampoo is infused with an all-day, fresh, floral fragrance that can leave you ready for anything. Commuting to work or going out in the field all day shouldn’t be a problem with Sunsilk’s long-lasting fragrance shampoo. Look no further than the smooth hair and fragrant shampoo in one - Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo.