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easy ways to get smooth and shiny hair

For Strong Hair:

Strengthen Hair with
These Tips

Say goodbye to the days when you struggle to get strong hair. Here are simple yet surefire ways to strengthen hair that the whole hairkada can do!

Say goodbye to the days when you struggle to get strong hair. Here are simple yet surefire ways to strengthen hair that the whole hairkada can do!

Don’t we all just adore strong and beautiful hair? We like to turn to magazines and blogs about how we can achieve this kind of hair. Beautiful hair is easy to style into long braids, long layered hair, long hair with bangs, long back haircut, and other long haircuts.  However, we often don’t arrive at the results we want. This is especially more challenging when we suffer from the dreaded hair loss and damage. The good thing is that you don’t even have to be a rocket scientist to know how to strengthen hair and achieve strong hair. 

We have rounded up the 5 top tips for hair growth for you and the hairkada. 

  • 1

    Don’t shampoo your hair every day

    You might think that shampooing everyday can strengthen hair. Though it is good to always keep your tresses clean and free from everyday dirt, everyday shampoo can strip off the natural oils and nutrients that your hair needs to grow stronger and longer. Save your shampoo for those days when you’re out all day under the sun and exposed to the elements. And if you just stayed home all day, simply wash with water and conditioner. 

  • 2

    Skip the hot water rinse

    While taking a hot shower can feel refreshing and relaxing, it may not have the same effects on your hair. Remember how your heat-styling tools can cause damage and make your strands brittle? Hot water can also cause the same damage and may impede hair growth. But if you really like to indulge in a hot shower, you can still do that but for the final wash, let the cold water jet through to the end. 

  • 3

    Use egg as a hair mask

    Eggs are not just great for your meals; they also make good hair masks because they are protein rich. And since your hair is mostly made up of protein, you can strengthen hair by using it as the main ingredient to your home-made hair mask. Promise, hair growth will be a lot faster! So, save some of those eggs for your tresses.

  • 4

    Eat healthy - have fruits and veggies

    Hair growth is also largely affected by your diet. Strong hair needs a lot of protein as well as vitamins and minerals, which you can get from the food you eat. Pack your meals with these, and you will notice not just your hair getting stronger and more beautiful but also your nails and skin. So, the next time you think of snacking, trade the junk food for sliced fruits and vegetables. 

  • 5

    Indulge in a relaxing scalp massage

    Don’t we all love a good massage? Why not give your hair one, especially the scalp and roots? The stimulating massage can promote healthier blood flow, strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. So, the next time you get one, consider including your scalp too.

    Once you get accustomed to these strong hair habits, you should also complement these with the right products that strengthen hair like Sunsilk Strong and Long or Sunsilk Green. Its biotin nourishes the strands from roots to tips, making hair grow more beautiful with a fruity fresh fragrance.