Endless smoothness

Want to know how to get smooth hair?

Endless smoothness
  • To have soft hair, start by rinsing.


    Believe me, the hair rinse is as important as the shampoo and conditioner. So, use cold water to seal your hair’s cuticle. This is an important tip on how to thicken hair and how to grow hair fast. When the cuticle is sealed, it holds water and the nutrients of the products concentrated in the hair fiber.

    Taking a cold shower is not for you? No problem. Wash the wire with warm water and let the cold water jet to the end.

  • Do not over-comb your hair


    One tip on how to thicken hair and how to grow hair fast is to not over-comb it. Untangling the excess hair can cause breakage of wires. When combing your hair, the right way is always from the tips to the root and never otherwise. For soft and frizz-free hair, bet on the comb or brush wood. This material, unlike plastic or metal, does not charge static electricity, which is responsible for frizz. And try not to touch your hair too often as it will only bring the dirt from your hands to the wires.

  • Treatment Cream + Shower Cap = Unbeatable Duo


    Using a strong hair shampoo is simply not enough. Hydration is key to achieving soft hair, and you can get it by using a treatment for strong hair. To enhance your hair spa at home, use a plastic cap after applying the treatment cream on the strands and leave it on for the length of time indicated on the label. The mild and momentary heat inside the cap causes the hair cuticle to open quickly, replenishing the nutrients more easily.

  • Go slow with the dryer and flat iron


    Another tip on how to thicken hair and how to grow hair fast? Remember that excessive heat is the villain of soft hair. Whenever you use heat appliances like dryers, straighteners, and curlers, protect the wires with a thermal protector. The product is like a solar hair protection and should be used every day as it also helps shield the hair from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays; thereby giving you thicker, longer, and stronger hair.

  • Go for natural ingredients


    Natural ingredients are still best for your mane. Aloe vera for hair is known to have amazing effects such as making it smooth and shiny. Its antibacterial content prevents scalp itching and dandruff.