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easy ways to get smooth and shiny hair

Easy ways to get
smooth, shiny hair

Endless smoothness

Weekly hydration is one of the secrets to developing the smoothness your hair needs.

You do not feel your hair soft for some time?

Your wires go rough, dull and lifeless? Caution! This may be an indication that something in your routine care with the wires or even your health is not good.

To make sure that there is a problem do the following test: Separate a lock of hair and with the help of his hands, create a knot in the hair. Then immediately release the lock. The knot fell apart quickly or remained intact? If your answer is the former, congratulations: this indicates that your hair is strong enough to get the knot alone. Another test to find out is to get in a tub or pool and drop the hair. He floats or sinks? Sink, be careful: it may be more porous than you think.

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    To have soft hair, start by rinsing

    Believe me, the hair rinse is as important as shampoo and conditioner. Just so you ensure that your wires are soltinhos and movement soon after bathing, since there is no waste to let the wires with dirty or heavy appearance. Another key step of rinsing is using cold water because the lower temperature helps seal the cuticle (outer layer of the wire). It  holds water and the nutrients of the products are concentrated in the hair fiber. Taking a cold shower is not for you? No problem. Wash the wire with warm water and let the cold water jet to the end.

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    Do not over comb the hair

    Untangling hair can cause breakage of wires. Pay attention to this when combing your hair. The right way is always from the tips to the roots and never otherwise. For soft and no-frizz hair, bet on the comb or brush wood. This material, unlike plastic or metal, does not charge static electricity, which is responsible for frizz. And try not to go hand in hair as it will only bring the dirt from the hands.

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    Treatment cream + cap = double infallible

    Hydration is key to hair smoothening. To enhance your home spa, use a plastic cap after applying the treatment cream on your strands and wait for the time indicated on the package. This momentary heat contributes to the cuticle (outer layer of the wire) opening quickly, and replenishes the nutrients more easily.

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    Maneire in the dryer and flat iron

    Conversely, excess heat is villain soft hair. Whenever you use heat appliances, like dryer, straightener and curler, protect the wires with a thermal protector. The product is like solar hair protection and should be used every day as it also helps to shield the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays.