light and tangle-free hair

Straight, light and tangle-free hair

How to fight frizz

  • Start with your shampoo and conditioner


    Don't just use any random products you have at home. To achieve the perfectly smooth effect, use straightening shampoo and conditioner. The active formula in these products moisturizes hair from root to tip without weighing it down. By sealing the cuticle of broken hair, it keeps flat hair protected against external factors such as the sun, wind, humidity, and pollution. 

  • Add treatment cream to your hair care routine


    It is true that straight hair is often more hydrated than other hair types. This is because the natural oil of the scalp can get to the ends faster, as it follows a virtually straight path. But that does not mean your hair strands can skip the hydration step. Once a week, use a treatment cream to bring back moisture and much-needed nutrients to your hair.

  • Add hydrating hair products to your hair care routine


    Your tresses can greatly benefit from hydrating hair products. Whether in the form of cream or spray, the leave-in solution has become indispensable in the routine care of all hair types. With thermal protection, it helps untangle hair strands more easily, avoiding constant breakage. Its moisturizing effect helps control and reduce frizz that keeps appearing uninvited.

  • Serum and treatment oil


    Relatively new to the cosmetic market, both products have earned their place in the sun among the darlings of those who have straight hair. To avoid a dry texture, serums and treatment oils are ideally applied immediately after hair-brushing. Fighting frizz guaranteed!

  • Mousse


    This is the preferred product for women with thin straight hair that lacks volume. It can be applied from the root to lend its airy texture. It also adds body to the length of your hair. With it, you can achieve the perfectly smooth hair texture.