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Bad Hair Days Be Gone!

Get Hair That Looks And Smells Great Everyday!

With everything we want to do every day, we won’t want to have to worry about how our hair looks and smells.

Smooth, manageable, and bangong-gigil hair isn’t a want and need, it’s what you deserve! With these 4 simple tricks you can do everyday, you’ll not only get smooth hair and more beautiful locks, but hair that smells great, too!

Here’s how:

  • 1

    Turn down the heat

    Ensuring that our hair stays healthy and hydrated is no easy feat, especially if we put it through a battery of blow-drying, heat styling, and other stress every day. If you can’t live without your hair dryer, flat iron or heat curlers, you can use them more responsibly by protecting and priming your strands before you style.

    Using excessive heat on your mane will lead to dryer and more brittle hair, which becomes harder to manage because of frizz and split ends. Instead, consider keeping heat styling to a minimum, and keep your hair hydrated by allowing it to air-dry on other days. 

  • 2

    Stay away from hair stressors.

    Aside from the styling tools and chemical treatments at the salon, tight hair ties, over-combing, and severe ponytails and hair-dos can do more harm than good as these can create too much hair friction and add unnecessary stress to your follicles. For more manageable hair, allow your mane to relax and breathe as they’re supposed to.

  • 3

    Use #TheBest Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable!

    This hair care range gives you the perfect balance of nourishing oils and refreshing scents, which keeps your hair looking, feeling and smelling great!

    It’s formulated with 5 natural oils- Almond, Argan, Coconut, Jojoba, and Olive Oil—that nourish your locks from within and which give your hair the tender loving care it deserves. Aside from helping you achieve smooth and manageable hair, the range effectively lifts your spirits thanks to its bright and lovely floral scent. The fragrance is like smelling a bouquet of 1,000 flowers!

    With just one wash, achieve gorgeous and #thebest bangong-gigil hair in an instant.

  • 5

    Pamper your roots

    Get to the root of the problem of dry, brittle hair by nourishing your roots and keeping your follicles fit. For a quick DIY hot oil treatment, mix coconut oil and jojoba oil with hot water and massage the mixture onto your scalp. The massage will stimulate your hair follicles, helping to boost hair growth, while the oils will help to deeply nourish and hydrate each strand giving you smooth hair and a manageable do. Do this once a month for a little luxurious hair pampering.

Try these tricks now so you can always experience #TheBest every day!