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Explore More Toolkits

Empower girls with Explore More

The Explore More teacher toolkit is an educational program designed to empower future leaders in your classroom

70,000 number of people impacted
by Sunsilk programs

Opening up possibilities for girls everywhere

The world has much to gain from the activation of youth as learners, dreamers and innovators. However, far too often, young people, particularly young women, face barriers to realizing their possibilities and participating fully and equally in society. At Sunsilk, we have made it our mission to open up possibilities and expand young women’s horizons.

Sunsilk’s aim is to empower and equip girls with the vision, support, skills and confidence they need to start exploring their possibilities – ultimately stretching the horizon of what they believe they can be and achieve. When girls are able to freely and fully explore, they experience wide-ranging benefits and so does society.


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A comprehensive learning experience

Explore More is a comprehensive educational program designed in collaboration with Girl Rising NGO and ICRW to empower girls, encourage their strengths and explore their dreams.

6 modules,
12 sessions covering different topics of development
For young people aged 12-18 years old
Fun & rewarding 45-minute activities per session
Multi-dimensional sessions, discussions and workshops

What to expect

Role model stories

Seven videos sharing true-life stories from real girls from India, Nepal, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Peru and Pakistan, this program is rooted in the power of storytelling and learning from one another.


From understanding the adverse effects of gender stereotypes and biases to setting goals, your guided support will help students embark on an unforgettable journey of self-exploration, unlocking unlimited dreams and aspirations.

Fun activities

Creative, inspiring and immersive activities that help girls think creatively – to unlock their imagination, set goals and realize the power of their true potential.

Unlock potential

The Explore More program is designed to help young women in 5 key areas:

DREAM by learning how to articulate and voice their aspirations, no matter how big or small

Manage EXPECTATIONS by teaching them they can aspire to be something different than what is socially expected of them.

Get INSPIRED by increasing their sense of affinity with role models and others who inspire them

Feel SUPPORTED by helping them realize and appreciate the power of community

Be WILLING to seek support and reach out to others to achieve their goals

Let’s get started

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Facilitator's guide
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Module 1
The Power of Dreams
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Module 2
Rights and Opportunities
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Module 3
Know Your Strengths
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Module 4
Support Systems and Role Models
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Module 5
The Courage Within
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Module 6
My Path to Empowerment
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Resources and country information
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